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I am a 2011 grad of Full Sail University's Education Media & Design program. I have my undergraduate in Elementary Education from the University of Akron. In 2010 I designed a program called "The THIINKFit Project" as my master's thesis. This offered a unique opportunity for students to come in to the gym before school started with me (rather than sitting and awaiting morning dismissal) and exercise with the Wii and all its different gaming programs. It not only increased their physical health, but their mental health as well. Test scores, attendance (school), school morale and confidence SOARED. We presented this program in many different settings and shared the opportunities and data studies that exercising in education offered (and we all know how much education loves their data!). "Why add another 1/2 hour of reading and math when exercising can do so much more!" A huge fan of Howard Gardner, I've always expressed to my student's that if they don't do well at school, or dislike school, it's because the way schools are being taught is NOT how they learn and that "ordinary" people are often the ones that change the world. I have fought administrators on every level to let me teach the way kids can learn - by MOVING. Learning isn't supposed to be quiet and if you are ever in my classroom you would see that. Through collaboration and guided study, my kids take learning and exploring to a different level that long outlasts anything they do in a traditional classroom. If you walked down the hall of our school building you will see on each and every door in big red letters, "NO CELL PHONES." Then you'd pause at my door where the sign would say, "BRING YOUR PHONES EVERY DAY!" If we empower kids and allow them to have part in their own learning, they will never disappoint. How do I measure success in my classroom when I'm introducing something new? I ask myself, "How many of my students actually asked to use this restroom that morning?"

I am currently unemployed.
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