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Monday, June 17

9:45am EDT

Keynote - It's All Game Design
Game design is a scary thing for filmmakers past, but not for us filmmakers now. This is how game design persists in all forms of creative – and how a singular perspective still can reign true through it all.

avatar for Jessica Brillhart

Jessica Brillhart

Founder, Vrai Pictures
Jessica Brillhart is an immersive director, writer, and theorist who is widely known for her pioneering work in virtual reality. She is the founder of the mixed reality studio, Vrai Pictures. Previously, Brillhart was the Principal Filmmaker for VR at Google where she worked with... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 9:45am - 10:15am EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

10:15am EDT

Keynote - The Subversive Potential of XR in Fine Art and Public Access
What could idea activation look like in XR? Multidisciplinary artist Nancy Baker Cahill combines her fine art and social practice through her free, public art platform, the 4thWall app. Her projects seek to increase access to site-specific, collaborative public art in AR and to prompt dialogue and unlikely communities. In this talk, she explores the cultural value of inclusive creative expression and resistance.

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Nancy Baker Cahill

Founder, 4th Wall
Nancy Baker Cahill is a multi-disciplinary artist and founder of 4th Wall, a free AR app which invites users to place her art in 360 degrees anywhere in the world. She created the ongoing, collaborative, AR public art exhibition Coordinates, site-specific activations of artworks created... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 10:15am - 10:35am EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

10:35am EDT

Keynote - The Transformative Potential of Immersive Technologies
This talk will summarize some of the most exciting affordances of virtual and augmented reality, spatial computing, and immersive storytelling that can be leveraged for the transformation of an individual's consciousness or collective culture. In the midst of great chaos and uncertainty, there are emerging technologies that can cultivate regenerative culture and provide us with embodied experiences of more optimistic speculative futures. Come hear about the frontiers of consciousness hacking, worldbuilding, & immersive storytelling.

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Kent Bye

Producer, Voices of VR Podcast
Since May 2014, Kent Bye has conducted over 1000 Voices of VR podcast interviews featuring the pioneering artists, storytellers, and technologists driving the resurgence of virtual & augmented reality. He's a philosopher, oral historian, & experiential journalist helping to define... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 10:35am - 10:55am EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

11:15am EDT

Virtual Reality for Workplace Training
Immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) provide a number of well-researched learning benefits. Dr. Casale will discuss how VR uniquely takes advantage of these best learning principles, offering a highly effective way to train in the workplace. 

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Dr. Michael Casale

Chief Science Officer, STRIVR
Dr. Michael Casale is a cognitive neuroscientist whose academic research focused on understanding the biological underpinnings of learning and memory, in particular how to optimize training for a variety of learning situations. He has led multi-million dollar research projects aimed... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 11:15am - 11:35am EDT
Room 105

11:15am EDT

Virtual Reality For Reentry: Designing Immersion with Incarcerated and Returning Citizens
The journey home from prison often presents obstacle after obstacle for women, from seeking housing and employment to keeping up with parole demands. For some, stressful situations--like being in crowded spaces or losing custody over a child--can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms that result in individuals getting sent back to prison. In this panel, we discuss the emotional and psychological challenges of reentry; the potential for immersive technologies to prepare women for these situations; our process of co-creating a VR curriculum with a women’s prison; and ethical considerations for designing with “captive users” who are too often silenced and exploited.

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Eric Gordon

Professor, Engagment Lab at Emerson College
Eric Gordon is a professor of civic media and the director of the Engagement Lab at Emerson College in Boston. His research focuses on building better interfaces between publics and civic organizations in a context of diminishing trust. He has co-designed interventions for large and... Read More →
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Melissa Teng

Project Manager, Engagement Lab, Emerson College
Melissa Teng is a designer and research associate at the Engagement Lab at Emerson College. She is exploring therapeutic applications of virtual reality with incarcerated and returning citizens, focusing on collaborative and civic design processes. She received her MA in Media Design... Read More →

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Jennie Dul

Assistant Manager, Logixhealth
Jennie Dul is a dancer, actress, choreographer and hot pot enthusiastic. As a dancer, she specializes in hip hop dancing and has collaborated with Wellesley College on several workshops to put performances to empower young girls in the community. She also has a diverse range and is... Read More →
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Barry Pousman

Director of Content Marketing and Digital Strategy, Institute for the Future
Barry Pousman works with the Institute for the Future, a not-for-profit think tank where he turns foresight into action through media. Prior to IFTF, Barry was CEO at Variable Labs, focusing on creating immersive training content. Barry is formerly a Chief Digital Strategist at the... Read More →
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Lynn Lizotte

Deputy Superintendent, Massachusetts Department of Correction
Lynn Lizotte is the Deputy Superintendent at MA DOC's SouthMiddlesex Correctional Center (SMCC) in Framingham, MA. SMCC is a minimum/pre-release facility for female inmates. She has been in the corrections field for 20 years working in different capacities with both male and female... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 11:15am - 12:00pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

11:45am EDT

Smileyscope: VR in Pediatrics, One Year Later
Since presenting at G4C last year, Smileyscope has proven the effectiveness of VR to mitigate the negative associations of needle procedures for kids.  Through clinical research we have validated the use of VR to mitigate pain and anxiety in the pediatric arena.  

avatar for J Milligan

J Milligan

Creative Executive Producer, Two Moos
J is an Emmy, Peabody and Bafta award-winning interactive designer, writer and director, a steward of some of the world’s most beloved and trusted brands. He’s worked with world-class talent, technology and partners to create experiences that enrich the lives of kids and families... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 11:45am - 12:05pm EDT
Room 105

12:15pm EDT

Stopping Harassment Through Design
Brittan Heller was patient zero. As Jane Doe in one of the first anti-cyber harassment lawsuits, she learned how to stop trolls -- and has been helping the tech industry confront online abuse for over a decade. Come hear her describe the mechanics of digital targeting and learn how users, game designers, and AR/VR/XR content creators can create inclusive virtual environments.  

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Brittan Heller

Technology + Human Rights Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
Brittan Heller works to make emerging tech more humane. She is one of the first technology and human rights fellows at Harvard's Carr Center, focusing on content and behavioral moderation in next-generation tech like gaming and AR/VR/XR. Heller is also a senior associate at CSIS's... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 12:15pm - 12:35pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

12:15pm EDT

The Education Market: VR’s Best Hope?
For years, experts have been predicting that immersive technologies like AR and VR are on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream market. But despite the dazzling experiences that users may encounter when they first try a VR headset, industry reports suggest there continue to be signs of instability in the hardware marketplace, and that consumer demand hasn’t been as strong as anticipated. Perhaps the classroom is where AR and VR will really shine.
Children are enthusiastic about AR and VR, and teachers have expressed greater engagement around lessons that incorporate immersive media. But is it safe? How are these technologies being deployed in the classroom – are teachers receiving the training and support they need to implement successful lessons? What happens when the novelty wears off? And as AR and VR continue to gain traction in the education marketplace, how can we ensure equitable access to these learning experiences for all students?

avatar for David Kleeman

David Kleeman

SVP, Global Trends, Dubit
Strategist, analyst, connector — David Kleeman has led the children’s media industry in developing sustainable, child-friendly practices for 30+ years. He is SVP, Global Trends for strategy/research consultancy and digital studio Dubit.David is passionate about media’s potential... Read More →

avatar for Brooke Morrill, PhD.

Brooke Morrill, PhD.

Senior Director of Education, Schell Games
Brooke Morrill, Ph.D., is the Director of Education at Schell Games where she uses her expertise in behavioral science, psychology, and research to bolster the impact of and engagement in the company’s transformational games. She also identifies and secures project funding in both... Read More →
avatar for S. Craig Watkins

S. Craig Watkins

Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
S. Craig Watkins is the Founding Director of the Institute for Media Innovation (IMI) and the incoming Ernest S. Sharpe Centennial Professor in the Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas at Austin. An internationally recognized expert in media, Watkins is the author... Read More →
avatar for Michael Preston

Michael Preston

Executive Director, Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop
Michael Preston, PhD is the Executive Director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, a research and innovation lab that works to advance children's learning and health in the digital age. Previously he led K-12 computer science efforts at CSforALL and CSNYC, digital learning... Read More →
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Dr. Bruce Homer

Associate Professor, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Bruce D. Homer is Associate Professor and Executive Officer (Chair) of Educational Psychology at the Graduate Center of City University of New York, where directs the Child Interactive Learning and Development (CHILD) Lab. Dr. Homer’s research investigates children’s acquisition... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 12:15pm - 1:00pm EDT
Room 105

12:40pm EDT

Keynote - Waking Up to a New Reality: Building a Responsible Future for XR
Despite its potential to provide tremendous economic and social benefits, extended reality (XR) carries new physical, mental and social risks that require business leaders to proactively design, build and deploy XR tools and business models responsibly from the start, according to a new report from Accenture.

This presentation will provide an overview of new research findings for XR across various industries, including the opportunities, challenges and key actions organizations should take going forward to succeed.

avatar for Rori DuBoff

Rori DuBoff

Managing Director, Head of Content Innovation & XR Strategy, Accenture Interactive
Rori is a strategic and innovations thought leader in the extended reality (XR) space, spanning VR & AR experiences. In her current role as head of content innovation at Accenture Interactive, Rori focuses on strategically applying immersive technologies for business and brand transformation.Rori... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 12:40pm - 1:00pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

2:00pm EDT

Fighting Addiction With Immersive Technology and AI
The opioid crisis requires rethinking traditional addiction treatments. XR has the power to target the behavioral foundations of addiction by letting patients engage with novel treatments in their natural environments. Applying machine learning to the wealth of data generated by XR enables real-time identification and even prediction of drug cravings. This talk will review the state of XR addiction treatments, explain how XR can transform behavioral therapies, and discuss exciting future directions for the field.

avatar for Aldis Sipolins

Aldis Sipolins

Immersive Technology Research Lead, Draper Laboratories
Aldis is an immersive technology researcher who applies principles of design and cognitive neuroscience to change human behavior. Aldis received a PhD in Visual Cognition and Human Performance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015, where he founded a VR research... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 2:00pm - 2:20pm EDT
Room 105

2:00pm EDT

Funding in XR
Let’s face it: producing XR can be expensive. Whether it’s 360 video or interactive mixed reality, quality experiences require healthy budgets. But as these media mature, how and where are creators generating funds to produce their work? This panel brings together top decision-makers to explore the processes they have used and encountered to get experiences the funding they need.

avatar for Adaora Udoji

Adaora Udoji

Director of Innovation and Venture Programs, RLab
ADAORA’s expertise is emerging technology. She helps corporations build products, teams, and services, she helps startups grow their businesses, investors identify new opportunities, and audiences around the world understand how new tech can work. Currently, she is the Director... Read More →

avatar for Marcie Jastrow

Marcie Jastrow

SVP of Immersive Media, Technicolor
Marcie Jastrow is an industry veteran with over 20 years in the Entertainment business.Currently the SVP of Immersive Media at Technicolor, as well as the Head of the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC), Marcie is dedicated to bringing artists, technologists, and partners together... Read More →
avatar for Kris Severson

Kris Severson

Director, Global Content Partnerships, HTC Viveport
Kris Severson is head of VR for Impact for HTC Vive. She is also head of global partnerships for HTC Viveport, specializing in gaming content. She started her career at Sony PlayStation, curating third party content for both both PS1 and PS2. She spent 12 years at Rockstar Games and... Read More →
avatar for Dr. David Miller

Dr. David Miller

Program Director, National Institutes of Health
Dr. David Miller is a Program Director at the NIH's National Cancer Institute, the federal government's principal agency for funding cancer research, training, and technology development. Dave has led multiple NIH programs supporting the development of data science software tools... Read More →
avatar for Steve Oyer

Steve Oyer

Managing Director, i(x) investments
Steve Oyer is a Managing Director of i(x) investments where leads the Family Impact platform and serves on the firm’s investment committee. Steve brings 35 years of business and investment experience to i(x). He most recently was a Senior Vice President at Lazard Asset Management... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 2:00pm - 2:45pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

2:30pm EDT

Creating Empathy in VR Experiences
Illya is a writer, director, artist and interactive storyteller. Shaped by her experiences as a physician, her artistic practice explores embodiment, identity, and belief in a media inundated and increasingly virtual world. Cyril Tsiboulski is her longtime artistic partner. Their online works, Reconstructing Mayakovsky and Queerskins: a novel are taught frequently on a university level as notable examples of digital literature. Queerskins: a love story, their first VR experience, premiered at The Tribeca Film Festival in 2018. They are recipients of grants from The Sundance Institute/Arcus Foundation, The Tribeca Film Institute/MacArthur Foundation, and The Peter Reed Foundation.

avatar for Illya Szilak

Illya Szilak

Writer & Director, Cloudred
Illya is a writer, director, artist and interactive storyteller. Shaped by her experiences as a physician, her artistic practice explores embodiment, identity, and belief in a media inundated and increasingly virtual world. Cyril Tsiboulski is her longtime artistic partner. Their... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 2:30pm - 2:50pm EDT
Room 105

3:00pm EDT

Fireside Chat: Marcie Jastrow and Jesse Damiani
Join Marcie Jastrow and Jesse Damiani for a conversation on the immersive industry and future of XR!

avatar for Jesse Damiani

Jesse Damiani

Editor-at-Large, VRScout
Jesse is an entrepreneur, advisor, journalist, curator, educator, and public figure in emerging technology. He is Editor-at-Large of VRScout, a Contributor at Forbes, Series Editor of Best American Experimental Writing, and CEO of Galatea, a screenwriting and project management tool... Read More →
avatar for Marcie Jastrow

Marcie Jastrow

SVP of Immersive Media, Technicolor
Marcie Jastrow is an industry veteran with over 20 years in the Entertainment business.Currently the SVP of Immersive Media at Technicolor, as well as the Head of the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC), Marcie is dedicated to bringing artists, technologists, and partners together... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 3:00pm - 3:20pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

3:00pm EDT

Project Briefs: Female Founders
In our Female Founders project briefs, we'll hear from the pioneering entrepreneurs who are working to bring new visions of XR to life. They will share their motivations behind launching their startups and insights gained along the way. Through their experiences, we'll learn how they are using XR to address areas such as education, mindfulness, inclusion, representation, and user-generated content.

Morgan Mercer
Vantage Point

Cortney Harding
Friends With Holograms

Dumeetha Luthra
How a War Correspondent Became an Entrepreneur Around Mindfulness

Skye Von
Decolonizing Storytelling

Vassiliki Khonsari
iNK Stories

avatar for Morgan Mercer

Morgan Mercer

CEO, Vantage Point
Morgan Mercer is the founder of the immersive enterprise training company, Vantage Point. Vantage Point's immersive training platform leverages standalone Virtual Reality in conjunction with ML and AI, and offers training modules focused around Soft Skills development, including Workplace... Read More →
avatar for Cortney Harding

Cortney Harding

Founder, Friends with Holograms
Cortney Harding is the founder and CEO of Friends With Holograms and a leading expert in creating immersive, impactful VR, AR and MR training experiences. An early leader in the extended reality space, she has created award-winning work for high profile clients like Accenture, Verizon... Read More →
avatar for Dumeetha Luthra

Dumeetha Luthra

Founder, Take-Pause
Imagine a world where we learn social emotional intelligence alongside reading and writing. Dumeetha Luthra was inspired to create that world and established Take-Pause after years as an award-winning BBC war correspondent. She witnessed first hand the worst we can do to ourselves... Read More →
avatar for Skye Von

Skye Von

Founder & CEO, Howl For Change & little GIANT Wolf
Skye's passion is to decolonize storytelling and help everyone discover and harness the power of storytelling to create positive impact for themselves.  She does this through transmedia story experiences that promote communal storytelling and audience participation with her content... Read More →
avatar for Vassiliki Khonsari

Vassiliki Khonsari

Co-Founder / Director / Producer, iNK Stories
Director/Producer/Co-Founder of iNK Stories––the award winning interactive storytelling studio Fast Company calls an “innovation agent”. Known for paving the way for a new wave of cinematic participatory experiences recent titles include the genre defining location based multi-sensory... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 3:00pm - 3:50pm EDT
Room 105

3:20pm EDT

Techniques to Transform Online Cultures
No one wants their social platforms to be filled with bullies and anti-social behavior, yet it can be hard to know how to develop a culture that promotes and rewards good behavior. Existing culture can be difficult to change. However, creators have more control than they might think. Rather than relying solely on codes of conduct or live moderators to police negative behaviors, understanding and harnessing culture tools can give you  power to increase pro-social behavior.  This talk will cover ways to systematically examine what an online space's default culture is, and specific techniques to make them more inclusive, welcoming, and desirable to users.

avatar for Jessica Outlaw

Jessica Outlaw

Head of Research, The Extended Mind
Jessica Outlaw, M.S., is a culture and behavior researcher in immersive tech and the founder of The Extended Mind. She uses behavioral science to help XR companies build and test experiences.  She does research in digital worlds, app design, and gives trainings to new and experienced... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 3:20pm - 3:40pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

4:00pm EDT

Narrative and the Power of VR
Atlas V and Archer’s Mark, the creative forces behind award-winning VR experiences Vestige and Notes on Blindness, discuss how the use of personal non-fiction narratives in VR can help audiences re-engage with challenging emotional, social and cognitive issues through the use of new technology. Now partnering with Princeton’s Program on Science and Global Security, the team will explore how these techniques can be used to reenergize the public debate on the threats posed by nuclear weapons in the twenty-first century.

avatar for Susanna Pollack

Susanna Pollack

President, Games For Change
Susanna Pollack is the President of Games for Change.  With a background in media and entertainment, she now leads the nationally recognized organization and produces the annual Games for Change Festival, the largest gaming event in NYC as well as the Games and Media Summit in partnership... Read More →

avatar for Pierre Zandrowicz

Pierre Zandrowicz

Co-Founder / Creative Producer, ATLAS V
Pierre Zandrowicz is a director whose passion lies in visual narration. He has been directing for over ten years (short films, clips, ads), first at FatCat Films (2005-2015), and then after at Premier Heure (2015-2017) where he co-founded Okio--a studio specializing in virtual reality--with... Read More →
avatar for Tamara Patton

Tamara Patton

PhD Candidate, Princeton University
Tamara Patton is a doctoral student in Princeton University's Program on Science and Global Security. Her research centers on nuclear arms control and disarmament measures, including working with virtual reality environments to design and simulate possible approaches for countries... Read More →
avatar for Steve Jamison

Steve Jamison

Founder / MD, Archer's Mark
Steve Jamison is the co-founder of UK production studio Archer's Mark, which he established in 2009 with partner Mike Brett.The company has a reputation for creating strongly-authored work across a range of platforms from digital content and advertising to feature films and interactive... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 4:00pm - 4:30pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

4:00pm EDT

XR Brain Jam Project Pitches
Join us for the conclusion of our XR Brain Jam. Games for Change will feature some of the best XR prototypes built during the two-day Jam immediately preceeding the XR4C Summit! Participating teams of XR developers and STEM researchers will showcase their experiences and give insights into the development process.

Monday June 17, 2019 4:00pm - 4:45pm EDT
Room 105

4:30pm EDT

smokeSCREEN VR: A Partnership for Social Change
As one of its first inaugural research projects to sponsor, Oculus Education partnered with the play4REAL Lab at Yale to develop and evaluate smokeSCREEN VR, the first VR intervention focused on JUUL/E-cigarette prevention for teens. With encouraging early findings, the team will conduct a randomized controlled trial of the game in 2019. In this session, Kimberly Hieftje, PhD of play4REAL and Cindy Ball of Oculus Education will talk about their partnership and project highlights, including early pilot-study findings, next steps, and the value of these types of collaborations in contributing to the ever-expanding field of virtual reality research and education.

avatar for Dr. Kimberly Hieftje

Dr. Kimberly Hieftje

Director, play4REAL Lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games
Kimberly Hieftje, PhD, is a Research Scientist at the Yale School of Medicine and Deputy Director of the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games, which focuses on the development and evaluation of videogame interventions for health prevention and promotion, behavior change, and education... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 4:30pm - 4:50pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

5:00pm EDT

VR for Advocacy
Join Tyler Gates as he discusses how organizations are using the power of immersive technology to engage and evoke empathy within stakeholders and members on the Hill to deliver context for and alter their mindsets on advocacy issues.

avatar for Tyler Gates

Tyler Gates

Managing Principal, Brightline Interactive
Tyler is the Managing Principal at Brightline Interactive and President of the DC Chapter of the VR/AR Association. He is a visionary for the applications of VR/AR technology for training, enterprise and branding solutions. His technological prowess in conjunction with his aptitude... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 5:00pm - 5:20pm EDT
Room 105

5:00pm EDT

Virtual Art in the Real World
Virtual and Augmented Reality are paving the way for unprecedented artistic expression, allowing for a new relationship to emerge between artist and audience. This panel turns to practicing artists to discuss their processes for taking art from idea to showcase in the real world, methods of discovery and experimentation, and their visions for the role XR will play in the future of art.

avatar for Jesse Damiani

Jesse Damiani

Editor-at-Large, VRScout
Jesse is an entrepreneur, advisor, journalist, curator, educator, and public figure in emerging technology. He is Editor-at-Large of VRScout, a Contributor at Forbes, Series Editor of Best American Experimental Writing, and CEO of Galatea, a screenwriting and project management tool... Read More →

avatar for Nancy Baker Cahill

Nancy Baker Cahill

Founder, 4th Wall
Nancy Baker Cahill is a multi-disciplinary artist and founder of 4th Wall, a free AR app which invites users to place her art in 360 degrees anywhere in the world. She created the ongoing, collaborative, AR public art exhibition Coordinates, site-specific activations of artworks created... Read More →
avatar for Carrie Able

Carrie Able

Visual Artist / Poet / Musician / VR Creator
Carrie Able is a Brooklyn based visual artist, poet, musician and virtual reality creator. She has exhibited extensively from the Honolulu Museum of Art to the Toledo Museum of Art and has been printed in publications such as the National Geographic Traveler.  Private collections... Read More →
avatar for Marjan Moghaddam

Marjan Moghaddam

Professor, LIU Brooklyn
Marjan Moghaddam is an award-winning, pioneering and influential digital artist/animator who has been exhibiting her art in galleries, museums, festivals and the net, for several decades. She has been in Siggraph Computer Animation Festival and Art Gallery four times, and has been... Read More →
avatar for Ken Perlin

Ken Perlin

Professor of Computer Science, New York University
Ken Perlin is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at NYU, where he directs the Future Reality Lab. Research interests include future reality, graphics and animation, user interfaces and education. He is chief scientist at Tactonic Technologies and Holojam Inc, and is... Read More →
avatar for Sougwen Chung

Sougwen Chung

Sougwen 愫君 Chung is a Chinese-born, Canadian-raised artist and (re)searcher based in New York. Chung's work explores the mark-made-by-hand and the mark-made-by-machine as an approach to understanding the dynamics of humans and systems. Chung is a former research fellow at MIT’s... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 5:00pm - 5:45pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

5:30pm EDT

Game Design Thinking for Civic Engagement
We live in a moment of declining civic engagement and flourishing participatory culture. The question this session will explore is: How might games better enable individuals to connect with - and contribute to - the social movements they care about? Participants will learn how we’re using game design thinking with activists in Wisconsin to co-design a new civic engagement game. We’ll conclude by collectively brainstorming ideas that leverage game design thinking to empower grassroots organizing.

avatar for Libby Falck

Libby Falck

Graduate Student, MIT
Libby Falck is a researcher at MIT and the founder of Forward Labs, a civic technology and consulting firm that specializes in applying educational game design to grassroots organizing. Libby was previously the founder of ChangeX Education, a maker education consultant at Autodesk... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 5:30pm - 5:50pm EDT
Room 105

6:00pm EDT

Keynote - Designing Future Realities
Robin Hunicke is the co-founder and CEO of Funomena, and independent game studio located in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Known for creating uniquely engaging games for both traditional and emerging platforms, Funomena’s first commercial release Luna will come to PlayStation and PSVR in the fall of 2018. Robin has been designing games for over 20 years, and has a background in production as well as computer science, fine art and game studies. Best known for her work on the award-winning PS3 title Journey, her past titles include The Sims2, MySims, and Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox series for the Nintendo Wii. Recognized in 2018 as one of the top 10 most influential Woman in Games, Robin is an evangelist for diversity of thought and participation in game design and game culture, and speaks internationally on the topic of games, innovation, diversity and inclusion. As part of her continued outreach, Robin founded the Arts, Games & Playable Media BA program at UC Santa Cruz in 2014. An Associate Professor within the Arts Division, she also runs the Digital Arts and New Media MFA program. Robin is dedicated to expanding the reach of games, broadening the topics they engage with and the exploring the technologies on which they can be made.

avatar for Robin Hunicke

Robin Hunicke

Cofounder & CEO, Funomena
Robin Hunicke is the co-founder and CEO of Funomena, and independent game studio located in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Known for creating uniquely engaging games for both traditional and emerging platforms, Funomena’s first commercial release Luna will come to PlayStation... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 6:00pm - 6:20pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

6:20pm EDT

Keynote - The Many Ways That XR Technology is Transforming, Localizing, and Personalizing Healthcare
XR technology is transforming healthcare. XR-enabled platforms can shift the locus of clinical care from the hospital and the clinic to the home and the workplace and, via improved analytics, provide tools and systems that enable personalized medicine. Individualized health and wellness protocols as well as treatment plans can be provided via portable systems that integrate wearable sensors, XR, and AI technologies to effectively promote adherence and encourage healthy lifestyles. As the cost of healthcare rises, wearable systems integrated with XR based systems will enable effective telemedicine platforms that reduce the costs of care delivery and improve clinical efficiency.

avatar for Dr. Walter Greenleaf

Dr. Walter Greenleaf

Distinguished Scholar, Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab
Dr. Walter Greenleaf, an early pioneer in digital medicine and virtual reality technology, is a research neuroscientist and medical product developer working at Stanford University.  Walter is currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 6:20pm - 6:40pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium

6:40pm EDT

Keynote - How Diversity in Spatial Computing Inspires Change
As technology has become more mobile, it’s become increasingly more inclusive. With spatial computing comes a new and robust feature set that allows for empathetic experiences and interactions with the digital. Diverse teams, equipped with a deep understanding of the needs of their communities, are leveraging this new computing paradigm to create meaningful change. This talk will explore how Magic Leap is working with these diverse teams to foster a new wave of inclusive applications.  

avatar for Tricia Katz

Tricia Katz

Developer Evangelism Lead, Magic Leap
Tricia Katz leads the Developer and Creator Evangelism team at Magic Leap where she helps educate creators across the globe on how to build spatial computing experiences and bring their ideas to life. She is a 4x SXSW speaker, the recipient of the Austin Under 40 Technology Award... Read More →

Monday June 17, 2019 6:40pm - 7:00pm EDT
Mainstage - Tishman Auditorium
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