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Tuesday, June 18

11:45am EDT

Project Briefs: Impacting Impact - Maximizing Your Game's Reach, Stickiness, and Sustainability
To achieve success in education gaming, developers must focus first and foremost on creating unique approaches to learning to inspire students and educators alike. In today’s landscape, that often means hyper-personalized, adaptive and measurable. With that comes a fear about data use from stakeholders who live near and far from the classroom, including parents, advocates and legislators, and that fear has been strong enough to derail even the most well-funded businesses. Learn what it takes to navigate this environment safely, building a foundation for success today, building trusting partnerships with schools and a pathway to growth in the future.

Building a great game for change is a challenge. Maximizing its impact is also a challenge! Come learn from teams about the work they've done to increase the reach, stickiness, and sustainability of their games. How can we more effectively distribute our games, maximize their audience, lengthen their lifespan, and make them more personal?

Moderator: Mark DeLoura

Clara Prieto
Designing for Inclusive Play: How to build games for everyone

Emma Cofer
Designing for Inclusive Play: How to build games for everyone

Shannon Frederick Meneses & Peter Stidwill
“Game of the Year”: Sharing Six Years of Learning

Linnette Attai
Personalization and Privacy: Innovating in the Age of Compliance

Brian Alspach
The Fundamental Equation of Games in the Classroom

avatar for Mark DeLoura

Mark DeLoura

Executive Director, Level Up Games
Mark DeLoura is a game technology and education consultant, and passionate proponent of K-12 computer science education and games for learning. He worked as Senior Advisor for Digital Media at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy during the Obama administration... Read More →

avatar for Peter Stidwill

Peter Stidwill

Executive Producer, FableVision Studios
As FableVision’s Executive Producer, Peter leads the company’s effort to manage multiple animations, games, websites, videos, and museum exhibits simultaneously. He oversees the staffing of the creative studio, ensuring that teams are set up to meet the varied needs of all projects... Read More →
avatar for Clara Prieto

Clara Prieto

Global Brand Marketing Manager, Google
Clara Prieto joined Google in 2011 where she has a wide ranging experience working across different countries, industries and products. She currently leads global branding for Google Play and for the last year she has been heading the Change the Game Initiative which aims to make... Read More →
avatar for Emma Cofer

Emma Cofer

Lead Brand Strategist, Platforms & Ecosystems, Google
Emma Cofer is Lead Brand Strategist for Google's Platforms & Ecosystems team, working to connect user insights to brand opportunities across Android, Google Play, Chrome, and Chrome OS / Chromebook. Previously, Emma worked in brand strategy consulting for nearly a decade, most recently... Read More →
avatar for Shannon Frederick Meneses

Shannon Frederick Meneses

Executive Producer, Learning Games Network
Shannon Frederick Meneses is Executive Producer at Learning Games Network. She has worked in the educational technology industry for 20 years, working on projects ranging from engaging and playful games to complex and content rich websites and applications. Before Learning Games Network... Read More →
avatar for Linnette Attai

Linnette Attai

President, PlayWell, LLC
Linnette Attai is founder of the global compliance consulting firm PlayWell, LLC, providing strategic guidance around the complex obligations governing data privacy, marketing, and content. Linnette has over 25 years of experience navigating compliance challenges, building organizational... Read More →
avatar for Brian Alspach

Brian Alspach

Executive Vice President, E-Line Media
Brian is Executive Vice President and a founding team member at E-Line Media, a video game developer and publisher passionate about harnessing the power of games to help players understand and shape the world. Brian leads E-Line's educational efforts with a particular focus on helping... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2019 11:45am - 12:35pm EDT
Room 104

2:00pm EDT

Project Briefs: Health & Wellness
In every corner of the globe, creative minds and product visionaries are making games and XR for players -- all focused around a vast range of health, wellness and medical practitioner ecosystems. These projects are tackling anxiety, malaria education, emotional self-assessment, and more. Join us to hear game designers, developers, program and product leaders talk about their work and their games in a lightning round of ten-minute project briefs.

Amir Bozorgzadeh
Brain Training in VR

Eduardo Ramírez
Identification of Design Patterns for Serious Games

Claudia-Santi Fernandes
Addressing School Climate Through a Game Experience

Amy Zimmerman

Zachary Whitten
Play For More Than Bragging Rights

avatar for Amy Zimmerman

Amy Zimmerman

Producer, M&E Innovation Group, Unity Technologies
Amy Zimmerman is a producer on the Media and Entertainment InnovatIon Team at Unity. She began her career in the feature film and TV world in Vancouver BC. She was the producer of award winning music videos and live action feature films before moving into documentary. After joining... Read More →
avatar for Amir Bozorgzadeh

Amir Bozorgzadeh

CEO, Virtuleap
Amir Bozorgzadeh is CEO at Virtuleap, the startup that enables the body to speak in VR and AR using neuroscience research and machine learning, so that companies and brands can know if their users are excited, angry, or bored out of their minds. He is a regular contributor to tech... Read More →
avatar for Eduardo Ramírez

Eduardo Ramírez

CEO, Green Lava Studios
Eduardo Ramírez is the founder of Green Lava Studios. He is a Computer Engineer graduated from Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED). Having taken several game-related courses at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, Eduardo is in charge of designing and programming the videogames... Read More →
avatar for Claudia-Santi Fernandes

Claudia-Santi Fernandes

Associate Director, play2PREVENT Lab, Yale Center for Health & Learning Games
Claudia-Santi F. Fernandes, Ed.D., LPC is a former teacher, school counselor, and school leader. Currently, she is the Associate Director at the play2PREVENT (p2P) Lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games and a licensed professional counselor. In her role at the p2P Lab... Read More →
avatar for Zachary Whitten

Zachary Whitten

Director of Innovation, Content Creator Development, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Zachary Whitten created and leads St. Jude PLAY LIVE, the video game fundraising program that benefits the kids of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This effort has raised more than $13 million in the last five years through streamers, content creators, and partnerships with... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2019 2:00pm - 2:50pm EDT
Room 104

3:15pm EDT

VR for Binocular Vision: Using the Brain's Neuroplasticity to Treat Lazy Eye
Hundreds of eye clinics are using VR to treat lazy eye in more than 16 countries. This talk covers the science and business challenges of getting a novel VR medical device adopted as the new standard of care.

avatar for James Blaha

James Blaha

CEO & Founder, Vivid Vision
James Blaha is founder and CEO of Vivid Vision. He grew up suffering from binocular vision disorders which sparked his interest in technology to measure and improve human vision. He built a prototype using a virtual reality head-mounted display of what would become Vivid Vision’s... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2019 3:15pm - 3:35pm EDT
Room 104

3:45pm EDT

Neuro Champions: Improving Child and Adolescent Knowledge of the Brain, Neuroscience and Mental Health
How many of you learnt about your brain when you were at school? With 50% of Mental Health Problems established by the age of 14, we believe that by learning about your brain and development this can help prevent the negative impacts of mental ill health and builds up skills, knowledge and the confidence to provide peer based support. Integrating neuroscience education, play, technology and psychological models of support, we created the Neuro Champions programme. This session will describe the Neuro Champions methodology, demonstrate game elements and share findings from our evaluation study.

avatar for Naomi Mwasambili

Naomi Mwasambili

CEO, Chanua
Naomi is the CEO of Chanua and has over 10 years experience designing, implementing and evaluating social change programmes. Her team at Chanua have developed a range of products and services embedding play, gamification and technology in areas of health, mental health and enterprise... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2019 3:45pm - 4:05pm EDT
Room 104

4:15pm EDT

Public Screens and Games Embedded in Physical Space: The Rise of Maker Games
In cities and neighborhoods, a new kind of game design is emerging. The digital and physical are coming together, from hybrid playgrounds to embedded screens at bus stops. Games were not the original goal. But as millions of youth learn to program Raspberry Pis ($50 each), and escape rooms can be created with DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kits, the movement is growing – and without headsets. In this provocation, you’ll hear how the future of mixed reality does NOT use consumer devices – but rather is embedded in public space and physical objects, strengthening neighborhoods from Mexico City to Los Angeles.

avatar for Benjamin Stokes

Benjamin Stokes

Assistant Professor, American University Game Lab
Benjamin Stokes is an assistant professor at American University, affiliated with the AU Game Lab. His designs for cities have introduced neighbors, retold local history, and rebuilt payphones. Previously, Benjamin worked at the MacArthur Foundation as a program officer in their portfolio... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2019 4:15pm - 4:35pm EDT
Room 104

4:45pm EDT

The Great Cognitive Depression (and the Rise of the Miyagi Movement)
Companies are strip mining our cognition in their quest to hold our attention. But it’s not an infinite resource and those organizations don’t price the destruction of cognition into their cost of doing business. They have every incentive to continue the destruction. But we lose our ability to make rational decisions at work and as citizens, to take on the many complex extinction level challenges society now faces.

When the art and science of decision-making itself collapses might we face a Great Cognitive Depression?

We’ll explore playful ways to use games and AI to build cognition and cancel biases.

avatar for Mickey McManus

Mickey McManus

Fellow, Office of the CTO, Autodesk
Mickey McManus is a visiting research fellow at Autodesk’s Office of the CTO and a Senior Advisor to BCG. He is a pioneer in pervasive computing, collaborative human/machine innovation, human-centered design and education. Mickey holds 13 patents in the area of connected products... Read More →

Tuesday June 18, 2019 4:45pm - 5:05pm EDT
Room 104
Wednesday, June 19

11:15am EDT

The Benefits of Playing Minecraft Together for Children with Autism
Learn how the desire to give autistic children a safe place to play Minecraft became the topic of dozens of research studies and news stories around the world.

Children with autism from all around the world are learning how to read and write, to make friends, teamwork, and even to be leaders, all within the game of Minecraft.

I'm going to show you how we accomplished all of this and more on my server, Autcraft.

avatar for Stuart Duncan

Stuart Duncan

Owner, Autcraft
Stuart Duncan, also know as AutismFather, started as an autism blogger. When he found out about the demand of a safe space for people with autism on the popular game Minecraft, he started a server called Autcraft which quickly grew to be a safe haven for autistic people and their... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2019 11:15am - 11:35am EDT
Room 104

11:45am EDT

Playing for the Planet: How Video Games Can Deliver for People and the Environment
How can the fastest growing media platform in the world be harnessed to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals and the urgent global needs they represent? Is your game company about to change the world – literally? With input from over 50 games industry leaders, the 2019 United Nations Environment report “Playing for the Planet” summarizes recent developments to yield seven key recommendations on how the video games industry can achieve tangible, real-world impact for the issues and people who need it most. Discover how you can empower your game, your company and your players, and add your voice to a groundbreaking UN event. https://playing4theplanet.org

avatar for Trista Patterson

Trista Patterson

NewMedia Lab Director, GRID-Arendal / UN Environment Collaboration Center
Dr. Trista Patterson is lead author of the UN Environment report "Playing For the Planet". She directs the NewMedia Lab at GRID-Arendal, a UN Environment Collaboration Centre in Norway, where global-scale experiments test emerging technologies (video game, AR/VR, interactive forums... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2019 11:45am - 12:05pm EDT
Room 104

12:15pm EDT

Project Briefs: Reaching Underserved Audiences
Games can serve as a very powerful medium for learning, but equity and access continue to be challenges in the industry. Hear about several programs that have been developed specifically to provide opportunities for individuals in remote or otherwise under represented areas.

Amanda Armstrong
Using Formative Research to Inform Design of Serious Games

Maria Burns Ortiz
When Solving a “Small” Problem Can Have a Big Impact: How Developing Games for U.S. Tribal Communities Set Us Up for Global Expansion

Andrea Jetten
Games: Tackling the Learning Crisis for Children Affected by Conflict

Tammie Schrader
Flexhibit Carts and Game Based Learning in Science Classroom

avatar for Stephen Reid

Stephen Reid

Director, Immersive Minds
As Director of Immersive Minds Stephen has been pioneering the use of technology as a tool for learning for almost two decades. He's dedicated his career to exploring, piloting and advocating the use of games and emerging technologies from the early adoption of podcasting, animation... Read More →

avatar for Amanda Armstrong

Amanda Armstrong

Games Lab Coordinator, Learning Games Lab, New Mexico State University
Amanda L. Armstrong is the Games Lab Coordinator at New Mexico State University's (NMSU) Learning Games Lab, where she leads user-testing sessions, teaches summer sessions with children and youth on game design, and has been involved on a few design teams. She is also a PhD candidate... Read More →
avatar for Maria Burns Ortiz

Maria Burns Ortiz

CEO and Co-Founder, 7 Generation Games
Maria Burns Ortiz is co-founder and CEO of 7 Generation Games, which makes bilingual immersive educational video games and interactive apps. Taking 7 Generation Games from concept to award-winning company, she oversees all creative aspects of game development, including design, narrative... Read More →
avatar for Andrea Jetten

Andrea Jetten

Sr. Advisor Quality Assurance Can't Wait to Learn, War Child Holland
Andrea Jetten is the Quality Assurance Advisor for Can't Wait to Learn - an innovative programme that provides education to children affected by conflict and crises through game-based learning applications on tablets. She is involved in the development of the games and, as the product... Read More →
avatar for Tammie Schrader

Tammie Schrader

Science Coordinator, NEWESD 101
Tammie Schrader currently works for Northeast Washington Educational Service District 101 and is a Regional Computer Science Coordinator serving 59 school districts in Eastern Washington. She was a science teacher in Cheney, Washington, and is a science methods instructor at Gonzaga... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2019 12:15pm - 1:05pm EDT
Room 104

2:00pm EDT

Deep Learning Through Games
Paul Darvasi
Grand Theft Auto Research

Lisa Castaneda & Bronwyn Stuckey
Picking the Low Hanging Fruit

Too often the conversation around games for learning focuses on their appeal and capacity for immersion. We need to take a deeper more evidence based look at the value games may (or may not) provide for learning. With the number of educators using games, we should know more about the extent to which virtual play experiences actually support learning outcomes. Even highly experienced, professional educators stay focused on student engagement. Join us for an interactive workshop where participants will reflect on, discuss and engage with research examples and contribute their own experiences to moving the conversation and assessment practices forward.

avatar for Paul Darvasi

Paul Darvasi

Educator, Royal St. George's College/York University
Paul Darvasi is an educator, game designer, speaker, writer, and PhD candidate whose work looks at the intersection of games, culture and learning. His research explores how commercial video games can be used as texts for critical analysis by adolescents, and he has worked with UNESCO... Read More →
avatar for Lisa Castaneda

Lisa Castaneda

Co-Founder & CEO, foundry10
Lisa is a co-founder and the CEO of foundry10, a philanthropic educational research organization. She has a Masters degree in Education and was a classroom teacher for 10 years. She is actively involved in research and community endeavors at foundry10 which span an array of arts and... Read More →
avatar for Bronwyn Stuckey

Bronwyn Stuckey

Director, Innovative Educational Ideas
Warrior Princess, Consultant Specialist in Game Play, Gamification, Communities of Practice and Learning Communities. Bron has spent 17 years been engaged in educational community and games in learning development. She has worked to explore virtual worlds, games in learning and how... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2019 2:00pm - 2:30pm EDT
Room 104

2:45pm EDT

Project Briefs: Your Game is Our Textbook
When Game Based Learning is implemented effectively, the game serves as the medium for learning. Students learn from the experiences provided through the game play. This quick take series will highlight the work of a number of outstanding educators who are using games as the primary vehicle for learning.  

Moderator: Peggy Sheehy

Vít Šisler
Stories of Nazi occupation in a classroom: Lessons learnt from Attentat 1942

Ben Spieldenner
Technical Reading & Writing Through Games

Jessica Ochoa Hendrix
A Discussion with Stakeholders of Piloting Games in Schools

Owen Gottlieb
Teaching Prosocial Religion from 12th Century Cairo: Lost & Found

avatar for Peggy Sheehy

Peggy Sheehy

Game Master, Suffern Central School District
Peggy Sheehy is an educator and change agent with strong opinions about education. She strives to create learning environments where students can take charge and experience agency, autonomy, and authenticity. For the past twenty-two years, she has served as classroom teacher, district... Read More →

avatar for Owen Gottlieb

Owen Gottlieb

Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology/ConverJent
Owen Gottlieb, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Interactive Media and Learning at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is the founder and lead research faculty at the Initiative in Religion, Culture, and Policy at the RIT MAGIC Center. Gottlieb's mobile ARG , Jewish Time Jump... Read More →
avatar for Ben Spieldenner

Ben Spieldenner

Game-Based Learning Specialist, Ashland City Schools
Ben Spieldenner teaches English and is a Game-Based Learning Specialist for Ashland City Schools (Ashland, OH). His passion is helping students and teachers discover how much fun learning can be. He created and wrote two new high school courses: Technical Reading & Writing Through... Read More →
avatar for Jessica Ochoa Hendrix

Jessica Ochoa Hendrix

CEO & Co-Founder, Killer Snails
Jessica Ochoa Hendrix, CEO of Killer Snails, has worked in K-12 education since 2003. Prior to co-founding Killer Snails, she worked as an educational consultant whose clients included Relay Graduate School of Education and the Charter Network Accelerator. Previously, she worked for... Read More →
avatar for Vít Šisler

Vít Šisler

Assistant Professor, Charles University
Vit Sisler is a lead game designer of the award-winning video game Attentat 1942, which explores World War II through the eyes of survivors. He is also an Assistant Professor of New Media Studies at Charles University, where he focuses on serious games, educational simulations and... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2019 2:45pm - 3:35pm EDT
Room 104

3:45pm EDT

Living the Life of a Refugee: Games and VR for Change
In the last few years, games and VR for change have encouraged support, sympathy, and action for a variety of migration and refugee issues. In this talk, I analyze and compare the virtual reality installation Carne y Arena (Iñárritu 2017) and the digital game The Migrant Trail (Gigantic Mechanic 2014), as part of the multimedia project The Undocumented (Williams 2013). I will show how both digital media examples use semi-fictionalized ethnographies to allow their users to thoroughly experience a fragment of Mexican and Central American refugees’ and migrant’s personal journeys and life stories.

avatar for Joost Raessens

Joost Raessens

Full Professor and Chair of Media Theory, Utrecht Center for Game Research, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Prof. Joost Raessens holds the chair of Media Theory at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. His research concerns the ‘ludification of culture,’ focusing in particular on games and VR for change in relation to global issues such as climate change, and refugees and migration... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2019 3:45pm - 4:05pm EDT
Room 104

4:15pm EDT

Gamification as a Life-saving Medicine
Ting Jiang will shed light on the science behind games and gamification and how to optimally apply serious games and gamification to promoting learnings and adopting the right behavior especially habitual behavior that impacts health and happiness with the "4P" framework. She will also demonstrate how the scientific tool of experimentation can be applied to both proving and improving products/games created.

avatar for Dr. Ting Jiang

Dr. Ting Jiang

Principal, Center for Advanced Hindsight
Dr. Ting Jiang is Principal of Behavioral Tech and Architecture at Center for Advanced Hindsight, a behavioral science lab at Duke University led by Dan Ariely. As a scientist, she has published in a broad range of disciplines ranging from economics, psychology to anthropology on... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2019 4:15pm - 4:35pm EDT
Room 104

4:45pm EDT

Using Virtual Reality for Training Healthcare Providers in High-Stakes Pediatric Resuscitations
Some events in medicine - cardiac arrest, mass casualties, pediatric resuscitations - are difficult for medical providers to train for. First, because of their rarity (Low-frequency), there is less experience. Second, because of their importance (High-stakes), it's not a great time to 'practice' or learn from 'trial-and-error.'

Virtual Reality is a new method to train healthcare providers for low-frequency, high-stakes events in a safe but stressful environment. We'll describe how Children's Hospital Los Angeles helped develop a VR solution that is now being implemented in multiple hospitals and medical centers throughout the world.

avatar for Dr. Todd Chang

Dr. Todd Chang

Associate Medical Director for the Simulation Laboratory, Keck School Of Medicine, University Of Southern California
Dr. Todd P Chang is Divisional Director for Research & Scholarship for Emergency Medicine at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He has been Principal Investigator in a variety of grant-funded and research examining gamification, serious games, and virtual reality in healthcare. Dr... Read More →

Wednesday June 19, 2019 4:45pm - 5:05pm EDT
Room 104
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