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Margaret Wallace

Margaret Wallace is Chief Executive Officer of San Francisco-based KijiCo (www.kijico.com) and Co-Founder of Brooklyn-based Playmatics. She’s an award-winning entrepreneur and creator of digital and real-world games, products and other interactive experiences. An inventor and innovator, her games-related achievements have spanned a variety of industry sectors, ranging from entertainment to banking, healthcare, education, art, and neurogaming. Wallace was named one of Forbes “12 Women in Gaming to Watch” and was previously highlighted by Fortune as one of “10 Powerful Women in Video Games.“ In 2017, she founded KijiCo and works with companies and teams of all sizes to help drive their efforts in scaling around product, design thinking, innovation, brands and business development. When she's not playing games, you can find her on Twitter (@margaretwallace) or podcasting.